Saturday, December 08, 2007

I need some Just for Men...

Picture 1.pngIs it my gray goatee? I'm 42, but is that old? Last week Diego and I were in the living room relaxing. It was great...he was building castles with his blocks and I was watching Fox Soccer Fone In. I love watching him build things; the way he uses his hands to position things, the way he chooses colors and shapes. So exacting, so precise.

Then he stands up and knocks the whole thing to the ground and laughs.

Anyhow, we have the front door open and I see a young girl coming up the walk. She is coming up our walk with purpose, and it seems like she knows where she is going. She is pretty, with a nice smile, and says "Hi! How are you?" At first I think it might be a cousin of mine (hey Joletta!), then perhaps a college friend of Krystal's we have not met.

Diane is a tooth person...I had no idea there were "tooth people", but Diane notices teeth. For some reason, I am focused on her teeth. She has a pretty smile, and I think I might have seen the faint glimmer of a tounge piercing, but I'm still trying to figure out who the hell she is. She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a laminated card...she's SELLING something. Carpet shampooing. We don't have carpet. She tells me she needs points for her bonus...we have nothing that needs shampoo. She asks about floor rugs, the couch, anything. I tell her we are not really interested.

"OH MY GOD!" she blurted. Her eyes turned towards Diego, who was stacking a block on his castle.

"He is SOOOOOOO cute!"

Yes, she said "SOOOOOO". She dragged out the so for emphasis. As if on cue Diego sent her a big smile and held up his block for her to see.

"Is he your Grandchild?"

Damn. She might have gifted me a cane and rocker.

"Grandchild? Are you kidding me?" I said. "He's my SON!"

She begged a bit more for some work (I guess I can always brag that a young woman begged me for SOMETHING) before I told her that she would have to come back in a few hours and talk to Diane. It's easy when I make Diane the villain. She says thanks, and waves to Diego. He waves back, but she turns away before she can see him. Serves her right.

Grandchild. Damn. I am getting old.


Di said...

I THINK you are plenty young still. Crazy teenage girl!

Julie said...

Di told me to come check out your blog. This is hilarious!

A. I am a tooth person and always look at people's teeth. Scary that Di and I have so much in common.

B. I hate the damn pushy sales people at the door and they are so rude sometimes. I cannot believe she said that to you.

C. That Diego is so cute and he must have a heck of a personality.

You should blog more you tell a good story.