Friday, April 17, 2009

Patrick O'Brien

"You'll probably, hopefully, never know how it feels to go outside after being inside for so long. But, I can offer this tangible analogy. For those of you who have jumped on the high definition bandwagon, I imagine it's like watching your new high-def TV for the first time, but like times 40 or something. The leaves against the blue sky pulse like I don't know what. I looked at the tree just off my back deck, then up slowly, past where my window had been cutting it off, and to my surprise, the tree kept going all the way up. The space above my head was really amazing, no more ceiling. Tomorrow, May 24th 2008, is the 3 year anniversary of my diagnosis with Lou Gehrig's Disease. I'll be outside, with my baby boy and his mom, back on Earth, in the fullness of Spring."

Patrick O'Brien

Patrick2.jpegI've known Patrick online for years; he's a phenomenal filmaker and artist. I still have a DVD he sent me years ago called "Deep Space Mayonaisse". It's nice to see the young up-and-comers making great stuff; you can almost chart the trajectory that some people will take in their careers.

Patrick is one of those. Life has thrown a wrench at Patrick though; he was diagnosed with terminal ALS. Now he is focused on letting people know about ALS through his film, which I have linked below. He is also a new proud father. His friend Dustin Hostetler has a preview of Patrick's "Everything will be OK" on his site. Clips from the work in progress are at Patrick's site here. You can help Patrick finish his film and spread the word about ALS by donating at the Patrick OBrien Foundation. Please help spread the word!

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