Monday, March 26, 2001

I think that if I ever get in a car accident it's because I was reading something. A billboard, someone's shirt, a store sign. I never read IN the car...just stuff outside. Today I saw an old blue Mitsubishi truck in front of me with a sticker that said "Wicked Bitch" on the window. There was a KROQ sticker, and I think a "Girls Rule" or something similar. The "Wicked Bitch" caught my attention. What a statement. When I passed it I noticed it was an old lady...about 80 years old (give or take) with a steering wheel deathgrip. Remember Driver's ed? Ten and two, right? Nope, she was gripping that wheel at eleven and one, practically bumping thumbs. I tried's not comfortable. But hey, more power to her. I'll be lucky to live that long.

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