Friday, April 13, 2001

When I first started watching Seinfeld I wondered what the fuss was all about. I grew to dig the characters, but the scenarios were not that far out. Weird stuff happens all the time, and alot of it happens to me. I was in the market not too long ago, standing next to the seafood counter, looking for some fresh shrimp for Mojo de Ajo. I'm wearing a Guayabera shirt...old school style. The same shirts that as a kid I swore I'd never wear. Embroidered, with four big old pockets, two of which are practically on my shoulders. This guy walks up to me and says "Hey, that's one nice shirt. You can hold alot of stuff in those pockets." I half smiled, and just said "I don't put stuff in the pockets." "But you COULD." he said. I should have sold it to him. I never got my shrimp.

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