Saturday, June 02, 2001

I've always had this thought in the back of my head, more a memory, a memory of having been told that I would pass at 35. I joked about it often; many people have thought that it is strange; a morbid fear. But I have never put more into it than a thought, sometimes with a laugh. But I have always had this thing about 35. A feeling that a life changing event would take place. As my 35th year winded down, I figured it was all just weirdness, until now. This past week Diane told me she was pregnant. I am both excited and scared. I think about money. I think about a new car. I think about a new nursery. Diapers and clothes. I can't stop thinking about it, but I really don't want too anyhow. In two hours I'll be 36. If I can make the next two hours, I'll know my life has not has just begun.

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