Monday, May 14, 2001

I remember the day that my teacher wheeled the TV into our class. We watched the space shuttle that day...transfixed, stricken by the light, the flame, the shaking of the tower, the roar that was evident even through the single speaker of a low-bid school district television. It was brilliant...Fire. Speed. Power. Exploration. I don't figure there was kid that day that did not want to see the stars up close. God bless America, damnit...we're innovators, we're trailblazers. Fearless and strong...Americans. Our kids watched "Apollo 13" recently and were amazed. They knew that Man had reached the moon...but did not know that others risked life to merely get close. Getting close is what makes you try to get closer. Why do you want to be anywhere that someone else has been? I recently read that European high-school age kids know more about the American space program than American kids. We need to know what our Kids are learning...we need to know what the teachers are teaching. Then we need to supplement it. Our Kids need to dream. Give them something to reach for, and they will go for it.

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